Precision Tooling & Molding

Similar to the description in the Mold Design section, there is a comparable key interaction between component design and processing fundamentals. Sunrise Technology has a vast knowledge of processing techniques and equipment required to manufacture to requirement the unique types of parts and materials within our wide competency. Our processing engineers have the skills to perform the pre-project analysis to determine what improvements can be suggested to the component design to widen the processing window to manufacture a more capable part prior to tooling. Runner and gating methods, gate locations and sizes are all critical design elements that are specifically evaluated based on the part requirements prior to tooling design development. Once tooling is in place, the process development will start with a de-coupled scientific process development method to ensure best practices are in place to yield the optimal outputs. Engineering analysis and studies conducted such as Rheology Curves, cavity imbalance studies, process high and low challenges, run at nominal and short shot progressions are used to perfect and optimize the process used in production.