Precision Tooling & Molding

There is an iterative nature to the component design and associated mold design. As we work together on your project, having a firm knowledge of the components’ end requirements, we often make suggestions on subtle changes, such that the resultant mold design will be as robust and cost effective as possible. As a responsible partner in your product supply chain, our goal is to have you benefit from our years of mold tooling expertise. For instance, if we see an opportunity to eliminate a mechanical cam action from a mold design by adding an opposing window in the part design, we will suggest that with the supporting pros and cons of each approach. If we determine that there are inadequate angles on a slide-by shut off, we will suggest additional draft to create a more maintenance free and inherently stronger shut off. These suggestions are to reduce the complexity of the assets you will purchase, ultimately lowering costs and increasing overall life.

SunRise Technology is always responsible for the mold and/or tooling design. We are the architects of the designs and ultimately own the quality of the design and craftsmanship that goes into your purchased assets. Whether the mold or tooling is built within our facility, or at one of our approved domestic tooling sources, SunRise Technology is in control of the design and end quality of the mold. Our goal is to not over engineer your asset but rather to ensure that the mold design and quality is in line with the project needs and will meet the business demands of the program from initial qualification through product maturity.