Precision Tooling & Molding

The more operations we provide to you as your supply chain partner, the larger value proposition we offer. Once we manufacture the base molded or insert molded component, there are inherent efficiencies for Sunrise Technology to add further value. Some derived benefits to the customer are that the component is already planned in our internal schedule for manufacture so there is less planning and logistics required on your part since you only have to source the higher value part number. In addition, the component does not have to be repackaged for transit to another added value supplier saving transit and packaging costs. Effective lead times are reduced in the full value scope of work since multiple in-transits are not required. Lastly, a reduction in the cost of quality will occur for the higher value assembly since our last operation inspection will serve as the added value incoming inspection for subsequent operations and one instead of multiple Quality and Receiving documents and supplier interfaces will be required for the higher level assembly.

We offers such secondary operations, in addition to pad printing, as machining and drilling, ultrasonic welding and insertions, multi-component assembly, gluing, press fitting, sizing, labeling and plating.