Precision Tooling & Molding

All projects at SunrRise Technology start and end with fundamental mold, process and quality engineering. Project Management within the scope of our contracted work product is performed and monitored to ensure that the technology and services you entrust to our organization are executed to requirements, on-time and within the agreed to cost. A specific Project Manager is assigned to each client and/or project. This single point of contact is your gateway into all matters concerning your project.

Rather than just receive a print and request for quote at the onset of a project, SRT prefers to work collaboratively with your product team. You are the expert in your product and we are the experts in bringing your injection molded and added value work through to fruition. It is our strong belief and operating preference to first understand the objectives of your project. We can ultimately do a superior job for you if we are completely informed on what trigger points are most critical in your application. Sometimes the technical attributes and geometry or aesthetic outcomes are the salient points to a program, other times cost and timing are the critical path to a project’s success as viewed by the client. Most times there is a combination of many requirements that will determine the overall success of a project. Raw material selections, color additives, outside sourcing of metal inserts, component reconfiguration to eliminate tooling complexity or undesirable processing affects are all within the guidance that we have the knowledge to suggest. Since a majority of the work performed at SRT is of a critical nature to your product, we are often tasked with applications that stretch the technology window. By working in a collaborative team with our clients, we can assess risks up front and jointly agree to robust methods or approaches to mitigate these project risks at the onset.